Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Gold. Germany. Central Banks. Greenspan.....................from Rico

Germany got it's Gold back home ahead of schedule.
- If it's not money, why bother?
Greenspan has aid that Gold was a currency, that no fiat (including the Dollar) could touch. He also said this:
"If we went back on the gold standard...as it existed prior to 1913, we'd be fine. Remember that the period 1870-1913 was one of the most aggressive periods economically that we've ever had in the US...I'm known as a "gold bug" and everyone laughs at me, but why do central banks own gold now?"
- To which I'd add "and WHY do they keep buying more Gold, instead of Chuck E. Cheese tokens and Monopoly money?"
Visualize the average American's fiat income in solid Gold, to get an idea of its value today.
- Dr Paul, and the German Central Bank (as well as most others) are not tinfoil hat-wearing dummies or fools.

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