Monday, 27 February 2017

Great Play, DNC....................from Rico

Like we used to say derisively as kids "Great Play, Shakespeare" when one of us made a completely bonehead move and "blew" a major play in baseball, football, street hockey, whatever.
- This time it's the DNC that made the "Great Play" in selecting Clintonian crony Tom Perez to head the DNC.
While many of us had hoped at least for a "coin toss" the criminal jerk who conspired with Hillary and Podesta (while serving as Obama's Labor Secretary) to derail Bernie Sanders and helped "rig" the Democratic primary, earned his chops as a Civil Rights attorney under Eric dickHolder.
- Nice. The fish still rots from the head down, and the Clintonian "rot" continues at the core of the DNC.
Richard Windsor could not be reached for comment.

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Anonymous said...

The DNC election was hacked by the Russians. An anonymous source told me that Perez had a phone conversation with Putin before the election.