Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Jaysus! More WINNING....................from Rico

- Hot on the heels of reports of rapefugee self-deportations is this, librul women self-silencing.
The brain trust that concocted the "pink pussy hat parade" has a new, even better, idea...a strike!
- Awesome! Who wouldn't want a day off from the type of "progressive" harpies & harridans that would participate in such a thing.
Jaysus! Peace at last [read: blessed silence].
- Everyone's ears are still ringing from the condensed stupidity of a shrieking Ashley Judd at the pussy hat event.
While details are still in the planning stages, fund-raising to support the day-long event is underway now.
- Pssssst! There are a LOT of us who would consider donating if you'd make it much longer than a day (as in "just go away").
Promises, promises....don't say it if you don't mean it ladies.
- Channelling the inner Archie Bunker present in ALL sane and rational beings (men AND women); "Stifle it!"


edutcher said...

A day without womyn?

Where do I sign up to support this noble endeavour?

Mark Matis said...

I would only suggest that, for male employees of any business that lets its female employees do this without consequence, that they in return do the same for one day the following week. See which makes more difference to the company's bottom line. I know which way I would bet...

Anonymous said...

Stock up on sandwiches!