Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Like a watermelon.......................from Rico

- The lunatic Left is upset that Trump is  "denier" of "global warming/climate change."
Of course they are, whatever you may think of Trump, he is NOT a communist while the 'greenie weenies' ARE (like a watermelon...Green only on the outside, but Red on the inside).
- The whole 'climate' shtik is a fraud. A scam. It makes no sense on its pure scientific merits, but only in the context of a ruse to conceal the real agenda...destroying the economic-political paradigm that has done so much to improve the human condition [freedom] and replacing it with one that has done more to diminish the human condition than any other [communism]. Green is the new Red.
If global warming/climate change ONLY appears after heavy data manipulation, then the ONLY phenomenon is the manipulation of the data.
In other news: The UN has just named North Korea as the world's leading energy conservation-minded regime, lighting the way to a global green future.

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