Monday, 27 February 2017

Looking FORWARD to even more WINNING.....................from Rico

The stupid just never stops. Or goes away.
- Leftards and Libturds never fail to entertain the rest of us.
If you hadn't noticed, lying Hillary "the Inevitable" has made her first 'move' to run for President yet again. Oh yeah, please crooked Hillary DO run again in 2020.
- Genius, sheer genius. Maybe the third time will be a charm for this "progressive" [read: Communist] witch.
And Chelsea running for Congress is an equally brilliant idea. Perfect, actually.
- She's rich, greedy, entitled, and aloof....far above the "little people"...just like her Mom.
With two corrupt, racist, far-left uber-radicals running the DNC (Chair Perez and Deputy Chair Ellison), the deck is already being stacked for...more WINNING.

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