Friday, 17 February 2017

Mass Murder and Child Rape UK – Great Britain Needs Its Own President Trump...............from Daniel Thomas

When the global anti-Trump hysteria reached Great Britain, encouraged by a bias rant from the supposedly neutral Speaker of The House of Commons and the BBC, it laid a large section of the British population open to charges of sanctimonious virtue signaling and monumental stupidity.

Judging by the complete and utter disaster that has befallen the British people since Tony Blair and his Labour Party decided to impose a so called multi-cultural society by opening the borders to mass third world immigration they need a President Trump of their own to save them from their own folly.

For the benefit of the uninitiated around the world who were under the impression that Great Britain was an oasis of liberty in a desert of tyranny here are some facts to the contrary.

 Freedom of thought and free speech has been crushed out of the British people by a regime of rigidly policed political correctness, one-way hate crimes and selective enforcement of the law dependent upon ethnic origin, religion, immigration status and now political preference.

The bulldog spirit and patriotic fervor that characterized the generation that stood up to Hitler and the Third Reich and defeated him when all was lost has long gone, replaced by a generation that lives in fear of being called names or subject to labelling.

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