Thursday, 23 February 2017

Meh! BFD!.........................from Rico

The "Not My President Day" protests were a failure....a YUGE FAILURE....just like everything the "progressives" touch, only this failure came immediately rather than eventually, like ObamaCare or Diversity have.
FAKE NEWS from the AP said that "thousands across the US" protested.
Back on planet REALITY, those claimed 'thousands' were a few malcontents here, a few paid protesters there, all combined to make a thousand or so out of over 300 million Americans who essentially said "Meh! BFD!" and ignored the handful of perpetually-aggrieved Leftist moonbats entirely.
The REAL NEWS today....and every THIS:
- Hillary is Not President.
- She's Not My President.
- She's Not anyone's President

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