Monday, 20 February 2017

They certainly are....................from Rico

They are NOT the "resistance" but the 1%. They are royalty in exile from power. They are the self-crowned elites (academics, actors, media, politicians, Silicon Valley tecchies and other billionaires)...all wanna-be rulers and dictators who were brought up short in their 'inevitable and invincible' march to impose their vision on the 99% (the workers and peasants). 
- The Clinton Archipelago resembles the "progressives" Elba a lot. 
Their self-designation as "resistance" is word-play and contrary to reality, like everything else the regressive alt-left "progressives" label:
- They called Trump Hitler on Day One for talking and behaving like a patriot, but were mute for eight years while Barry did his best impersonation of Stalin.
- They called it a "recovery" when it was "depression 2.0."
- They claimed unemployment was less than 5% when 95 million Americans were out of work.
- They told us that diversity was strength but ability and merit were bad, while visibly destroying the fabric of the nation.
- Illegals were termed "immigrants" and Muslim terrorists were called "refugeesl", and both were welcomed.
The list is long, but the peasants "got it" and 2016's Brexit and Trump were echos of 1789's storming of the Bastille. "Draining the swamp" is the modern day battle cry of "to the Bastille" and once again, royal authority is being overturned for liberty, equality, fraternity, and human rights.
- It was a "let them eat cake" moment trying to force "Hillary the Inevitable" onto a populace that was sick and tired tired of being asked "you want creamy or chunky?" while being endlessly fed shit-sandwiches by their "progressive" royalty.
Now the "we-know-it-all" besserwissers are revealed as ignoranuses that do not know what to do, and are thrashing about like a headless snake.To badly phrase some Mel Brooks dialogue:
- Sire! The peasants are revolting. 
- They certainly are!

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