Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Draining the swamp - More WINNING......................from Rico

Executive Orders can only be as good as the executive signing them.
- By any reasonable objective standard, Barry's ALL sucked major dick....just like he was wont to do his own self.
Trump just did an Executive Order to reorganize the executive branch, slashing bureaRatic bloat.
- Cabinet members have been directed to lower costs, shrink size, and reduce redundancy.
- Unnecessary agencies will be eliminated (please God the EPA, Education, and Energy...and maybe HHS and more).
He has also cut 50% of the US funding to the UN (useless nitwits), and he may not stop there.
And the corrupt and rotten "swamp things" are quivering in terror.
Note: Non-federal workers in the private sector are likely completely unaware of just how bloated their taxpayer-funded government is.
- Federal employees are classified as either essential or non-essential. For example: In the event of a government shutdown due to say funding problems (politically induced), or a snow emergency (anytime the District of Criminals even expects it might have snow flurries) non-essential employees stay home...on full pay, of course.
- What a GOOD time to review slashing non-essential employees by looking at who the government can do without during the present serious snowstorm expected in the NE.

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