Monday, 6 March 2017

Extinction of the Politisaurs..................from Rico

The Democrats completely OWN the steaming pile of legislation lovingly referred to as ObamaCare.
- They passed it into law without one single Republican vote.
OK Republicans, yes I'm talking to YOU, what exactly is your major malfunction? Why hasn't ObamaCare been repealed yet? You are taking ownership of that legislative POS  by your inaction, you political POS's.
- Nothing has yet been done without one single Republican vote.
There are NO good excuses. Stop being assholes. Here's a "reminder" and it's NOT a friendly one. Look at all the red on the [attached] 09 NOV 2016 map. Think about facing your mid-terms if you don't pull your collective, thumbs out of your asses.
- Think about an election without one single Republican vote.
But let's take this to it's logical conclusion, Congress. Think about this. What if everyone voted "none of the above" next time around, having concluded there's not any difference between the DemoRats and the RinoCrats? Between Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, you ALL could be replaced by just those TWO. They are worth more than all 535 of YOU.
- Think about an election without one single Republican OR Democrat vote.
The contemporary politisaurs are facing extinction.
- Think about both the Republicans AND the Democrats going away, just like the Whigs and the Tories did.

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