Monday, 13 March 2017

Healthcare Scavengers Feed On The Corpse Of A Much Loved Friend....................from Daniel Thomas

While the debate rages in the USA about replacing Obamacare, the American people should be made aware that like the socialized health care system in Great Britain Speaker Paul Ryan's plan will expand government dependency by creating more entitlements and bureaucrats will gorge themselves on the endless supply of taxpayers money.

It has become an eternal truth that wherever there is an unlimited supply of taxpayers money scavengers and parasites appear from nowhere to exploit the largess and stuff their pockets and their bank accounts with ill-gotten gains.

Like all organizations that are financed by the long suffering taxpayer these career bureaucrats give themselves fancy titles to deflect attention away from what they really are; namely parasites and scavengers that have made a career out of conning the public about their expertise then growing fat on looted money.

Hence in Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) there are hundreds of thousands of self-styled healthcare professionals, healthcare consultants, healthcare experts who’s only discernible skill is perpetuating themselves by creating ever more complex rules and regulations then expanding the existing bureaucracy to police them. (One horrendous fat cat looting scandal here)

Like an amoeba they have the ability to multiply themselves by dividing and sub-dividing without any apparent stimuli from outside.

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