Thursday, 30 March 2017

IIA is my 'carry' permit..................from Rico

It's obvious that "progressives" [read: Communists] and conservatives hold two diametrically opposed views regarding "gun control."
- For conservatives "gun control" means good trigger finger discipline and personal responsibility. [read: freedom]
- For progressives "gun control" means people control. [read: slavery]
For all the tortured 'logic' employed by the latter group to 'interpret' the Second Amendment to their liking (militia=national guard, and bearing arms=flintlock muskets), the state-of-the-art modern infantry battle rifle of the day (the Brown Bess) translates into the M-16 and/or AK-47 of modern times, and THOSE are what the Founding Fathers intended free people ought to be armed with to defend themselves and put them on a par with any government wishing to use modern arms to oppress or tyrannized them. 
Question of the day: How many US States have reverted to "Constitutional Carry" at this time? [read: free people do NOT need a government permission slip]


Mark Matis said...

I wish people would not bother with the "Brown Bess" rebuttal. Mere Citizens at that time owned CANNONS! And those were the high end of military arms. Now admittedly, not every citizen had his own cannon. Those things cost a bunch of money, and "operating" them ran through money rapidly as well. But the fact of cannon ownership by Mere Citizens is duly recognized in the Constitution under Article I, Section 8, Clause 11.

RonF said...

The next time someone yaps at you about the 2nd Amendment only meaning that the militia gets guns, invite them to take a look at the Federal militia act and - more than likely - their State's Constitution. At the Federal level, at least, they define two parts to the militia. The organized militia is essentially the National Guard. The unorganized militia is every male between the ages of (IIRC) 18 and 45 plus any female who is retired from the military or the National Guard. In the State of Illinois' Constitution the militia is defined as every able-bodied person in the State.

whisky O said...

11 I think. Texas looking at it now.