Wednesday, 8 March 2017

It WAS, and it was NOT, the Russians...

Are you NOT entertained?
- Well, if not entertained, are you at least distracted like you are supposed to be?
The Democrat crapweasels and their media presstitutes have been enjoying an orgy of masturbatory Leftist fantasies alleging (never proving, btw, merely if they (a) have one remaining iota of credibility, and (b) no one has figured out they are just being 'dicks' about losing so badly)...IT WAS THE RUSSIANS.
- The only proven election tampering efforts were by Obama's DHS which attempted to 'hack' Georgia's election system...11 times at last count...IT WAS NOT THE RUSSIANS.
The same 'useful idiots' (ref infra) continue to spasm in onanistic delight at their crazy delusion of Trump & Co having a "Russian connection"...but this is a classic (a) bit of witting misdirection, and (b) an intentional outrageous lie. No Trump entities ever had any such "Russian connection"...IT WAS NOT THE RUSSIANS.
- The real "Russian connection" was one everyone knew about already, and this is what the professional deceivers are trying to deflect attention from, the REAL "Russian connection" was with the Clinton's. Both of them, lotsa cash and American uranium...IT WAS THE RUSSIANS.
So the Keystone Commies of American politics today, Democrats, conspired and colluded to wiretap their opposition, rigged their own primary, wholly-owned the MSM, attempted to rig the election, and had access to megabucks from their sponsor George Soros to do it, and they still had their asses handed to them by the voters on a platter Nov 8th. Gee, that had to hurt. Owie-ow-oww.
- Well, if pretending IT WAS THE RUSSIANS somehow makes their own abject failure bearable, OK then go right ahead...but they need to understand the only ones being fooled by all this are themselves. The rest of us know IT WAS NOT THE RUSSIANS.

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