Sunday, 12 March 2017

RINOCARE........................from Rico

The transition from ObamaCare to RyanCare is shifting "ownership" of this steaming pile of legislation from Democrats to Republicans.
- Just REPEAL the damned thing and get OUT of the healthcare business. The Government NEVER does a better job at anything the Private Sector can do. Never has, never will.
That there is no substantial difference between former Speaker Paul Pelosi (D) and current Speaker Nancy Ryan (R) reveals what many have yet to understand.
- Both parties are two halves of the same debauched coin, and cannot be trusted to represent "we the people."
This is a big part of why Trump is now President Trump

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Mark Matis said...

Not "...two halves of the same debauched coin..."

Coins, even though "debauched" have some value.

Instead, they are merely opposite ends of the same steaming turd.