Sunday, 12 March 2017

Rock beats Paper...................from Rico

Paper only beats rock in the child's game, but our Central Bankers have managed to convince people that it somehow does in economics too.
Keynesian scammers all, they maintain the fiction that fiat (paper money) is GOOD and that Gold is BAD.
- And their latest fiction is that 'digital money' is BETTER as they wage a war on cash.
It's all about control.
- Paper money is controlled, but allows individuals the freedom to make "cash purchases" privately without Government scrutiny and control. This, of course, drives control freaks nuts.
- Digital money can be completely controlled, and 100% monitored, and individuals lose ALL freedom to conduct their affairs privately. This, of course, is a control freaks fantasy wet dream.
But at the same time, if Gold is BAD (and doesn't matter, is irrelevant, ad nauseum), WHY..........
- Why does the US have 10,000 tons?
- Why does the IMF have 3,000 tons?
- Why does Germany have 3,000 tons?
- Why have both Russia and China TRIPLED their stockpiles in the last 10 years?
Do you think there's something they're not telling us?
- Not that they'd lie  and deceive, or anything like that.
They (both Governments AND Central Banks) can be trusted. Ignore 14 decades of debauching the value of fiat cash aka inflation.
- Or, in simpler terms....Central Banking is the reason the average price of a car in 1950 was $1,510 but is now $31,252.
I "lied like a banker" above, it's NOT all about control, it's about theft too [read: stealing your wealth].

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James Higham said...

I want to know how far the gold is cut [alloy].