Sunday, 19 March 2017

Strutting Her Stuff! Britney Spears Smolders in Two Slinky Thigh-Skimming Cocktail Dresses and Asks Instagram to Choose the Winner

Well, I'd pick the one that plunges down further to show off the pert and busty tight breasts and cleavage, but either dress shows off that hot, smoldering booty of hers, sheesh!

Nice legs too, heh.

Which one would you pick?

Here, "Busty Britney Spears Shows Off Two Skin-Tight Cocktail Dresses and Cleavage, Asks Instagram to Choose Which One's More Flattering."

Very busty tight and plunging cocktail dresses, wow.

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Airship_DC/PH Airhart said...

Oh good, she has a plant. Someone to relate to. ;)