Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The VA. Again..........................from Rico

The VA keeps covering itself in...well, it's not glory.
- Long the poster child for "whenever government gets involved" continues to live down to its reputation of having killed more veterans than enemy action.
The latest outrage (and as I age I'm watching closely) is the sick Vet waiting for treatment on the floor of the Durham VA facility. This depressing (look around the room) candid shot was taken by the wife of one of the veterans. The ubiquitous phone-camera may have disproved the existence of Bigfoot, but the harsh reality of the VA's treatment of Vet's (I exclude the Minnesota VA which seems to be the exception that proves the rule) keeps coming to light.
- The bag under his head being used as a 'pillow' are his medications.
The continuing disgrace and national scandal of how America has treated its veterans for many-many decades is what I 'think about' whenever I hear some well-intended but equally clueless individual say to a Vet "thank you for your service."
- Gee. You're welcome. Meh.
Long-term health insurance being unaffordable for average people, and Obamacare being the financial train-wreck that it is, at least the Vet's have a way out...rely upon the VA to relieve their suffering by its Kevorkian-like malfeasance.
And a special shout-out to Congress. Thanks for being more concerned about the bathroom choices for the 25,000 American transgenders than you ever have been about un-FUBARing the VA for millions of Vet's.


Diamond Mair said...

If I may - I lost medical when my husband committed suicide (had it through his job) - he was one of the 22 veterans a day killing themselves.
Almost immediately after his death, I started losing weight QUICKLY - I was unable to keep ** anything ** on my stomach. Lost 70 lbs. in less than 6 months. Turns out, thanks to the work/diagnosing of the doctors of the Houston VA, my thyroid went stupid (I qualify for VA care due to my own service).
They have gotten my thyroid settled down, performed the first eye surgery (thyroid issues are SO lovely - they affect almost EVERY bodily system 😲 ), are continuing my medical care - I couldn't ask for better medical personnel.
Semper Fi'

Anonymous said...

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