Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Theresa May Absolves Islam From The Death And Mayhem In London.....................from Daniel Thomas

When it was announced that the Houses of Parliament would require 4 billion pounds worth of repairs because its structure was rotten and in danger of collapse I suspect that people who are tired of political spin and deceit toyed with the wish that it would collapse while the charlatans and blowhards who inhabit the place were in attendance.

The nest of vipers is not just rotten on the outside, unfortunately in this case there is no danger of a political collapse since the electorate fall for the spin and lies and keep electing them to office.

As sure as night follows day we all knew it would happen, the political elite and their apologists for Islam would crawl out of the rotten woodwork and insult the intelligence of the informed British people. Those who are immune to the spin and PR of government speech writers will be forgiven for being nauseated by the government machine in the aftermath of the latest Islamic atrocity.

Just as she did after the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere British Prime Minister, Theresa May, was quickly out of the blocks to absolve Islam from blame for the carnage in Westminster, London.

In her rush to absolve her most favored community from blame, she is quoted as saying that it is wrong to describe this outrage as Islamic terrorism. She says it’s actually Islamist terrorism.

I’m sure the people of Great Britain and around the world will be reassured by the knowledge that death and mutilation in the name of Allah will be perpetrated by an Islamist terrorist as opposed to an Islamic terrorist.

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