Friday, 3 March 2017

Useless. Dangerous.Question.....................from Rico

This is a very bad combination.
Barry's "brain bucket" (helmet) is useless, just like he is.
- What's to protect? Barry can't form complete sentences without a teleprompter, and for anyone who wondered what Valerie Jarrett's "job" was, it was more than just reminding him to breathe. Terms like "handler, leash holder, and external-brain" apply (as does the lesser-known term "case officer").
It's no surprise then that ValJar is now moving into Barry's rental home to live with him as family, two miles away from where she lived with him before (in the White House). Yes, she lived in the White House as family for eight years.
- She'll also enjoy tax-payer funded Secret Service protection, just like she did before.
Who will be protecting America from the useless and dangerous?

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