Saturday, 25 March 2017

Windows 10 Has "Fixed" Everything............................from Rico

Huzzah Microsoft!
- Making life better....for them, anyway. Users not so much.
Gee, that "free" Windows 10 they have been pushing is "free" just like software upgrades from them are not upgrades, but degrade performance.
- XP was a better platform than anything since, but they have reached new depths with their Windows 10.
But hey, it's "free" right?
- Yeah, if you're OK with sharing EVERYTHING with MSFT (personal messages, user names, passwords, and stuff like that).
While you enjoy all the 'features' of Windows 10, understand that it has been logging EVERY KEYSTROKE you make and sending it to Microsoft.
- Users are in an invisible electronic cage.
Did I say "users?" What people were told they'd get, isn't what they got.
- Make that "suckers."

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Jeffersonian said...

Linux is looking better all the time.

Linux Mint looks and feels a lot like Windows XP, without being Windows. It's free, it doesn't spy on you, it's immune to most virii and malware and even a lot of web popups, and you don't even need to use a real name when installing it.