Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Back in the day, way back......................from Rico

I may be a dinosaur, but I ain't a fossil YET!
This really reminded me of what it was like when I was growing up as a boy.
- But that was in a place and time that is now long-gone.
This was before the nanny state and pc-korrectniks and apparatchiks replaced real teachers and real education, and turned the schools into socialist indoctrination centers where kids started getting suspended for biting one corner of their pop tart off because it 'looked' like a gun to some moron or pointing your index finger got you detention.
- Playing 'tag' or 'duck-duck-grey duck?' Fuggedaboudid.
In other words, before almost everyone became either a wussy or a pussy. Gee, thanks James Earl Carter, you asshole.
- And, NO....Ralphie never did 'shoot his eye out' with his Red Ryder BB gun either.


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gwestendor said...

Yep our high school even had a shooting club, it met after school hours and you could even bring your gun to school to show it to the teacher/ sponser of the club without being arrested and being on CNN.