Thursday, 13 April 2017

Gummint Fartvergnugen - Why YOU can't have the cars you want..................from Rico

Welcome to the Gummint CAFE.
- Unelected bureaRats have decided...FOR you, and for your own ramp-up their regulatory strangulation of the auto industry via CAFE standards.
Yes, to save the planet from eeeevil oil and cars...and save us from may have 'noticed' a few changes lately.
- And more 'changes' are on the way. Look at the chart and compare the CAFE standard for cars from 1995-2010, then note the 'goal' for 2025.
This is why cars increasingly changed from looking like cars to looking like large dust-busters, and now smaller electric shavers. Fuel economy.
- The engine sizes have changed from V8's to V6's to 4-cylinders.
- The designations have also changed from, say 289/302 cubic inches to whatever the Hell liters are...from 5.0L to 2.6L to 1.0L. Visualize your former  302 cu in V8 as a one-liter soda bottle. Yay! Save the planet. Save us.
Of course, the besserwissers and elites will still have their limousines and up-armored behemoth fuel guzzling rides, but that's because THEY are important and YOU are not.
- So be happy with your smaller, lighter, less safe, much less powerful and more expensive "smart" cars for now, because car ownership will eventually be taken completely away from the peasant-class and replaced by on-demand (unless TPTB decide otherwise for various reasons to 'sometimes' shut them down....for your own good) autonomous Gooberment-or-Google owned and controlled vehicles.
Say goodbye to "fahrvergnugen" and hello to Gummint "fartvergnugen"....or in plainspeak "embrace the suck" and/or prepare to just hoof it Sparky.

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