Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Property Rights..................from Rico

Ever since the Nov 2016 election the expression "every day a holiday, and every meal a feast" has taken on special meaning.
- Those who love America now have good reason to smile, while those who hate-America-first weep  bitter tears along with Hillary because they realize that Barry boy-Marxist's perverted dream of "fundamentally transforming" America into just another Communist shit hole is shattered.
They are whining and sulking while the rest of us world-wide rejoice that (a) Hillary is NOT President, and (b) there is a chance of America again becoming the "shining city on the hill" and remaining a bastion of freedom in a world beset by far too many tyrants, despots, and slave masters who would rule over mankind. 
- Of course, their frustration is based on the rejection of their premise that "people are the property of the government" by people who believe that they are the property of themselves.

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