Sunday, 14 May 2017

Podunk, USA...................from Rico

It's NOT bragging if you've done it.
- If that was my 2016 election map, I'd hang it in my house too...good for you Trump!
One of the many reasons Trump won election was because the smug progressive assholes were openly disdainful of Americans who 'unexpectedly' did not ascribe to their views (remember: deplorables, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, bible and gun clingers, and other slurs and insults?) as the 'cool kids' and who are still 'shocked' that they could not insult their way to win Hillary's election.
- And the 'cool kids' still do not "get" it.
A Democrat (C) from the Democratic Republic of California, Rep Anna Eshoo (yes-D for dummie) just openly referred to middle-America (that tiny strip of land between LA and NYC) as Podunk, USA. You cannot make stuff like this up
- Neither can you "fix" stupid, but you can "vote it out."

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Mark Matis said...

No you cannot "vote it out" when there are over three million illegal alien "voters" in the electorate.