Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Pot calls Kettle Black....

Obama calling Trump a bullshitter was classic.
It is too easy to dismiss this with "it takes a bullshitter to know a bullshitter."
- Barry was also a yuuuge liar when he was bullshitting himself, and everyone else. He lied to conceal his truly horrid intentions and personality.
- Trump is being Trump when he's bullshitting, but he's no liar. He bullshits to get truly positive things done and deals made.
There is a difference between the two, between lying and bullshitting.
- But wait....there's more!
Barry aka Narcissus Maximus is also the reigning champeen of PROJECTION:
- Projection is a psychological flaw allowing people to ignore their own faults by 'projecting' their unpleasant attributes upon others.
In other words, Barry is in complete denial of his being a life-long, destructive, major asshole.
- Trump on the other hand, like him or not, has been constructive his entire life.

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