Thursday, 18 May 2017

Swamp Creatures - MSM.......................from Rico

When Barry was caught on a 'hot mike' asking Russian Medvedev to tell Russian Putin "tell Vladimir I'll have more 'flexibility' after the election" [context: increasing the tempo of unilateral US nuclear disarmament] the TURDs in the MSM were perfectly OK with this.
- Barry was their creature, and they loved him for it.
It says a LOT when these very same TURDs are in full-throated hue and cry (heur et cri), attacking Trump because they're not OK with anything he does.
- Trump is not their creature, and they hate him for it.
Be very clear on this....the real "threat" to US national security is the uber-leftist MSM.
- They are the apex predators among all the "swamp creatures."

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