Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Call it Karma..................from Rico

Maybe this is some sort of "karmic" balancing act?
On one hand:
- My favorite, and only dog-friendly, place to eat locally (Doyle's) is closed because of a fire, and the runner-up favorite (woman-owned Blue Mountain Inn)  has closed and gone out of business. Both hands-down served some of the best food in the surrounding four states.
On the other hand:
- I have 'discovered' Buffalo Catsup (which makes even Redneck Calamari taste great, possibly even tofu) and a local bricks-and-mortar bank has closed for good (they once balked....very snottily....at cashing a cashier's check made payable to me that was drawn on another branch of the very same bank...that kind of customer 'service' will get you every time).
Pay now, or pay later...but you will pay.

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Kye said...

Please explain what is "Buffalo Catsup".