Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Climate Change is Fake, but Stupidity is Real.......................from Rico

The YUUUGE fraud known as "climate change" alias "global cooling, global warming, it's your fault for existing and breathing" that has been peddled by the Socialists ad nauseum is entirely phony.
- Climate Change is fake, but Stupidity is real.
The earth aka Gaia neither notices nor cares about the insignificant creatures crawling upon its surface, and it is the height of self-importance to think otherwise.
- Take pompous self-importance, abject ignorance of anything actually scientific, gullibility, and marry them with OPM (other people's money and the chance to grab it), then guide it with the most wrong-headed philosophy ever concocted...yes I mean Socialism-Communism...and you have a wealth redistribution scam of global proportions.
"Save the planet" actually means "Scuttle America".....but Socialists routinely tend to lie and use terms meant to sound 'nice' like "tolerance, free speech, diversity, blah-blah-blah" while intending and meaning the polar opposite of the pretty words used. Read the constitution of the former USSR sometime and tell me how that worked out...the pretty words equated to a very fugly reality.
- Anyone who believes these fraudsters, scammers, and abject liars...yes I mean entitled to a free one-way ticket to the Socialist paradise known as Venezuela.
The faux-outrage over Trump pulling OUT of Paris distracts from the fact that Barry never should have been IN Paris.
-, Michelle could not be reached for additional comment, nor could Joan Rivers.

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