Thursday, 22 June 2017

Damned Russians. Again.......................from Rico

Democrats are shocked that their candidate in Georgia 'lost' even though he didn't even live in the district he was running for office in [read: carpetbagger], or that he had more campaign donations for a Georgia Congressional seat from California than he had from Georgia, and that he outspent his opponent by a 7-to-1 margin in this case, blowing an obscene amount of money for no good purpose [read: like Hillary].
- You can hear the little Brady Bunch girl saying 'Russians, Russians, Russians.' 
For months the public had been hearing ad nauseum that the 6th Congressional District special election in Georgia was a "referendum on Trump" and would mark the inevitable march of the Democrats back into power in 2018 harumph-harumph.
- Now that their candidate has had his ass handed to him on a platter [read: like Hillary] you'll hear....crickets. Until the next time this is done all over again.
You'll hear anything BUT that the voters are no longer buying what the largest hate group in America is selling.
- "Progressive' horse sh*t.

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