Monday, 19 June 2017

Europe, You've Been Merkeled.....................from Rico

Europe has been hunyuk'ed by Merkel [read: badly Merkeled].
Having just read that it won't be too far into this century before Europe has a 30% Muslim population, I ran across this chart of  Jihadist arrests in 2016 Europe.
- 2016 saw 718 Jihadist arrests, but.....
- 2015 saw 687 Jihadist arrests, and....
- 2014 saw 395 Jihadist arrests.
Do you "see" a pattern of cultural enrichment and diversity here?
- I suspect the numbers are under-reported by the Islamophiliac Socialist EUro-eunuchs, and the situation is much worse than they will admit openly to.
And looking carefully at this map, I find it very difficult to believe than Norway and the UK don't have a Jihadist problem, or any Jihadist arrests.

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ChrisG said...

I see according to this, us Ukers have already left the EU!!!