Thursday, 15 June 2017

Fabulous Fun Bags — NASCAR Beauty Danica Patrick Goes Topless in Steamy Photoshoot (VIDEO)

There's not too many NASCAR hotties, especially topless NASCAR hotties!

Watch, "Danica Patrick Flaunts Fabulous Fun Bags in Steamy TOPLESS Photoshoot (VIDEO)."

She's 35-years-old, but you'd never know it with those nice pert titties.

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Mark Matis said...

That is the only reason she still has a NASCAR ride. She's willing to shake 'em whenever she's told.

Back when Montoya was still driving NASCAR, they had their own Three Stooges show going on:
Tony Sewart as Larry
Juan Pablo Montoya as Moe
Danica Patrick as Curly

And just as expected, they turned every race into a demolition derby. But then again, that is what NASCAR thinks their fans really want. Well, that and the boobs shaking enthusiastically. Nothing quite like a good "puppy fight" to excite the crowd...