Friday, 16 June 2017

Not learning from history, or the present.......................from Rico

The senseless violence the Left (Obama-Hillary-Bernie-Marx supporters) has been calling for because they 'lost' an election is the logical consequence of their irrational progressive fantasies and a textbook example of classic Communist fascism.
- Hitler's Brownshirts aka Sturm Abteilung (the Nazi's were socialists) and Lenin's Bolshviks (they were socialists, too) used the very same tactics to seize control of their countries.
The enemedia (led by the likes of MSNBC and Rachel Madcow) has been beating the drum to incite violence, aided by the Leftist stooges of the former Obama regime.
- Obama's last AG, Loretta Lynch, publicly called for "blood and death in the streets."
- Obama's previous AG, Eric dickHolder, enabled New Black Panther voter suppression/intimidation as a warmup to helping foment the Soros-funded Ferguson riots, etc.
ANTIFA has been only too happy to respond with violence, demonstrating how progressives practice peaceful tolerance of differing opinion.
- Have no doubt that they would be delighted to become America's Khmer Rouge and cleanse the population of rational and decent people who do not share and/or openly reject their destructive mindset and destructive...even philosophy.
Meanwhile, not missing a stroke or letting an 'opportunity' go to waste after a Leftist Democrat shot Republican Congressman Scalise, long-time Clintonian and Leftist "progressive" Democrat Terry MacAuliffe called for all "comrade citizens to turn in their guns."
To paraphrase Cicero (106-43BC):
- Progressives have infected the body politic, rotting the soul of the nation and worked both secretly and openly to undermine the pillars of a free society.
- But the evil is not in freedom or freedom of speech, per se, but in the eager willingness of people to abandon their rights as free men to pasrticipate in the destruction of their own freedom.

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Anonymous said...

How do we know that for certain that Cicero (106-43BC), was born at this time and actually said these words?