Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wait...that's not a breakfast smoothie!.....................from Rico

Consider for a moment the infamous "snakes on a plane" moment where Slick Willie and AG Loretta Lynch briefly met-by-happenstance on her airplane on the tarmac.
That meeting where they:
- Talked briefly "about the grandkids" (despite Loretta having none).
Which was followed days later by:
- FBI Director Comey's public exoneration of Hillary.
No collusion to see here. No obstruction of justice, either.
- If you believe that, you obviously do not know the difference between a breakfast smoothie and a wet fart.
Obama's creatures Lynch and Comey actually did more to interfere in the presidential election that Putin or the Russians could have (except in the fevered imaginations of severly butthurt liberal losers).

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