Monday, 5 June 2017

War with Islam.............................

I am reading a book that has been published recently.  It is entitled "The ALLURE of WAR"

While serving in the Navy during the Korean War I developed an interest in reading about war.
That is why when this book came out I was eager to read it and add it to my collection
of books about various wars. 
The author traces the history of war from the days prior to the ancient Greeks until the present time.
He shows how war has changed during the ages.  His contention is that each generation that is
engaged in a war, fights a different type of war then the previous generation.  
We have gone from battles with spears, swords. and bow and arrows to guns 
and currently with atomic weapons.                 
He limits his book mostly to wars in the Western world.
I would suggest that the leaders of the countries in the West should read this book so 
that they would understand that we are at war with Islam.  This book is basically 
about the changing methods of warfare and points out the changes that have 
occurred since the Mid Eastern conflicts started the type of war
being waged by these savages.
If the Western countries woke up to the fact that we are engaged in 
WW3, they might realize that a war requires 2 opponents.
Right now only one entity is engaging in a war and it is not the non-Muslim countries.
They should start by not criticizing Trump for wanting to keep Muslims out of the US.  
Following his example makes a lot of sense.  Keep the enemy as far away from you 
as possible, should be a motto of a counter attack against the Muslims.
Right now it is as if all these countries engaged in this new form of warfare,
had, during WW2 invited Nazis to move into their countries and settle there.
Before and during WW2, inviting and accepting enemies into your country was called having 
a Fifth Column in your midst. They obviously were there to create as much havoc 
as possible, and are doing so today.
The non-Muslim countries in the World should wake up and commence fighting this enemy.  
If they do not do so very soon we shall all be under the domination of
 Sharia Law in the not too distant future.


Anonymous said...

How about a link? Who's the author?

Texan in Wisconsin said...

Do you mean "The Allure of Battle" by Cathal Nolan?