Tuesday, 25 July 2017

American Girl Has a Message For Muslims And The Women of Sweden....................from Daniel Thomas

Despite heavy censorship by the hopelessly ‘progressive’ government in Sweden the world has learned about the rape epidemic that is being enjoyed by their Muslim immigrant population which has earned the Scandinavian basket case the dubious title of rape capital of the world.

As is usual in today’s post democratic age it is the raped and murdered women of Sweden not the politicians who are paying the bloody price for the imposed multi-culturalism that is demanded by the UN/EU global elite.

Why Swedish men sit silently by and allow this violent assault on their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters and female neighbours is a mystery. They have obviously lost the fearless mettle that was the hallmark of their Viking ancestors and entered a state of supine cowardly acceptance of violent rape and murder for fear of offending their Muslim colonists.

Swedish women should look across the Atlantic Ocean and learn from the liberated women of America and take responsibility for their own safety and security.

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Anonymous said...

All the real Swedes like real Scotsmen left while the going was good. All they have now is the Odds & Sods.

That how the British Empire really took off and how we got some really good machinists over here in the Midwest.