Thursday, 27 July 2017

At long last..................from Rico

Barry-the-fairy's Marxist social-engineering 'experiment' allowing 'transgenders' into the US military has been shut down.
- About time, and at long last.
Of course, like everything Homo 44 did, it was NOT meant to do anything positive or constructive, but exactly the opposite...the motive was negative and destructive.
- The US military was targeted for destruction by the Left.
Predictable, the insane Left is 'fit to be tied' (gee, you'd think they'd rather enjoy that) and is rallying to support the 250 military members affected out of 1.3 million service members. Do the math for yourself. It's a lot like dropping a wooden shoe (a sabot) into the gears of an efficient machine. [read: sabotage]
- And with a mere 3/10th's of one percent of the total US population 'mentally ill' and/or 'confused' enough to assert they are 'transgender' this was always a case of the Marxist tail wagging the dog and nothing more. [XX and XY 'trumps' ridiculous socialist social-cultural experimentation and insane theories.]
The Left needs to "butt out" [pun intentional] of military matters, something they know absolutely nothing about...except that they hate, loathe, and want to destroy it.
- Meanwhile, back in Mommy's the good little Marxist youth that they are...ANTIFA is preparing to do battle against the real defenders of the nation.

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