Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Breaking: Weather Forecast......................from Rico

Tired of "fake news?"
- How about some "fake science" just for a CHANGE (see what I did there, snowflakes?)?
The brilliant cartoonist Ramirez captures decades of "fake science" pontifications from scientists....if you call anyone who takes money (taxpayer grants) to tell you what the grantor wants you to hear, that is.
- Your local vice cops may use a very different and unscientific word for this sort of transaction.
Meanwhile, back on planet reality where most of us live, we understand what BS stands for, with MS being "more of the same" and PhD being "piled high, and deeper."
- The piled high, and deeper segues nicely to today's weather report............
So now, your local weather forecast:
- Carbon dioxide emissions 'spike sharply' whenever Rev Al Bore, renowned scientist and failed politician, of the Church of Perpetual Climate Change bloviates.

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