Thursday, 20 July 2017

Corruptacrats...................from Rico

Failure to REPEAL?
- They never intended to REPEAL, stating the obvious here: America's professional politicians are (a) LIARS, and (b) corrupt. Corruptacrats.
It's pathetically obvious that the RINO's are working for their paymasters.
- No, not the voters or taxpayers, that's just 'chump change' to these assholes...I mean the REAL paymasters who pay the SERIOUS money to them, the 'special' interest lobbying group$.
They had what they asked for, campaigned for, and promised in return for the public's votes.
- They did NOT deliver on those promises. They really screwed the pooch this time.
The 'monster vote' aka the 'deplorables' are not amused, nor are they likely to forgive and forget. 2018 could leave a nasty dent in a lot of RINO heads.
- LOWER Taxes. LESS Government, MORE Freedom.


Mark Matis said...

I thank the Lord for visiting justice upon Johnny "Songbird" McShame. And pray that he delivers similar upon the rest of the Rove Republican swill.

Tim said...

I see some of those folks going to work for lobby groups, because they will be voted out.