Tuesday, 4 July 2017

In the news. Not in the news.....................from Rico

You can't make stuff like this up!
- Well, most have personal standards and a moral compass that would prevent them from acting like the MSM.
Reported in prime time MSM news:
A gaggle of Republican Senators (10) have asked McConnell to cancel their August recess. WTF?
- All these assholes are good for is burning taxpayer dollars, otherwise they're ALL (D & R) good for NOTHING.
Rule of Nothing
In any given political situation, the very best outcome one can reasonably expect is usually what happens when politicians do nothing.
- Corollary #1: When politicians attempt to 'fix' any problem, they will make it worse.
- Corollary #2: Politicians almost never do nothing. That is why we have a sh*t economy, a craptastic healthcare law, a flunking education system, unfunded public pensions, ad nauseum.
Not reported in prime time MSM news:
Trump has cut the White House budget (formerly known as either the Red Shed or Barry's House of Sodomy) by $22 million.
- There are 100 fewer staff members under Trump, than Barry.
- Instead of the 24 personal retainers Mooch had, Melania has 4. [for BIG-government "progressives, read: FOUR.]
It's far more vital to the American taxpayer to be informed of Barry's warning "not to be too patriotic" over the 4th of July weekend.
- Hey, that's the MSM just doing it's job.

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