Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Life Imitates Tolkien......................from Rico

Tolkien may have been prescient. His character Smaug has come to life as arguably THE most evil living person in the 20th century (no small feat, given the competition) and in the 21st century to date.
- Yes, I refer to that "rotten Hungarian" George Soros, a name synonymous with death and destruction. [Think: Ferguson, BLM, the purposeful 'immigrant invasion' of Europe, ad nauseum].
Mr. George "Open Borders" Soros was the financier and force behind the political disaster who went by the fake name Obama.
- Obama moved Soros's "globalist" agenda as far as he could (even with Georgie boy as his puppet master) given his limited abilities and intellect, so the 'next' puppet was supposed to be granny, Hillary Clinton who, unencumbered by ethics or conscience was to move things much further along towards the death of Western civilization.
Soros was the financier and force behind Hillary, While that effort failed, the puppet master already had a "new" Obama 2.0 who is being groomed, like Barry was, right now. 
Slicker packaging, same evil intent and design. Same Soros-financed fingerprints and motives at work.
- Meet the man running for Governor of Michigan Abdul El-Sayed. The Governorship is intended to be his stepping-stone to the Presidency, just as Barry's Senatorship was.
Best stay awake Americans.
- Smaug never sleeps.
The strongest walls are no defense against an enemy within those walls.

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Unknown said...

I live in Michigan. While Muslims have taken over some of the burbs of Detroit, there is no where near enough of them to take the Gov House. Soros is old and will die soon. His power will die with him and his money can't save him.