Monday, 3 July 2017

Like with a cloth, or something?...or anything like that...................from Rico

This one almost made me spray my morning coffee on the keyboard.
- It reminded me of lying Hillary's smart-ass reply when she was asked about 'wiping' her illegal server.
Have I asked yet today WHY her criminal murdering ass sin't in jail yet?
- Well, let me add that there are a whole lot of other criminal asses that belong in jail right along with her. her's an example.....
Gee, ONLY California and Virginia are "hiding" their voter registration records from scrutiny.
I'm sure that upstanding cronies of the Clinton's like Terry McAuliffe, the current Governor of VA who allowed convicted felons to vote in last November's presidential election would be the LAST person to suspect of partisanship OR dishonesty [personal comment: guffaw].
And Caliphonia? Naw...their all rational, reasonable supporters of free, fair, and honest elections just so long as one of their beloved Marxist-moonbats wins...NOT that how many millions of illegals voted in last November's presidential election, or anything like that.
Nope, nothing to 'see' here, and no worries from the very folks who helped "rig" the DNC primary FOR crooked Hillary and AGAINST crazy Bernie.
- I mean it's not exactly as if these people are ALL proven liars, frauds, cheats, and nucking futs Communists or anything like that.

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