Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Madness, but 'what, ME worry?'.................from Rico

Toggling between the DNC's Chair Luis Gutierrez (who perfectly represents the America-hating sociopathy of the Democrats today), and Ricky Madcow of MSNBC (who long ago stopped pretending to be of this planet), and the likes of Mad Maxine (the new darling of the deranged Democrats) it's abundantly obvious the "left" has gone completely barking mad.
Are we 'living' one of William Gaines' EC Comics (Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horrors) or his Mad magazine?
- But hey, "What....me worry?" these "progressive" berserkers* are their own worst enemy.
*For graduates of government-run screwels who aren't familiar with the term "berserker" read: Berserkers were Norse warriors considered mad as dogs, and in their frenzy were unable to tell friend from foe so in battle were equally dangerous to each.

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