Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Mondays can be GOOD..................from Rico

Mondays CAN be good, especially this past Monday. Last Monday was a GOOD day for American taxpayers and small business owners.
- The undocumented Democrats [McConnel-Ryan] failed again....for what? the sixth time? give CPR to that Democrat-owned legislative corpse lovingly known as ObamaCare via their own bastardized version, the GOPe-owned ObamaCare 2.0.
Soon to be made into a movie scheduled for release in 2018 called The Sixth Failure to Repeal ObamaCare here is a portion of the pertinent script:
"I see stupid people. Especially in Congress. They don't know that they are stupid, walking around, like regular people. They don't see each other, or their constituents. They don't know they're stupid. I see them all the time.....they are everywhere, in both parties; they only see what they want to see."

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