Thursday, 6 July 2017

Oou dun Full Display...................from Rico

Still 'wondering' what your self-selected betters 'think' of you Sparky?
- It's been hiding in plain sight all along, and on full display the whole time.
Here is Reuters essentially waggling their finger at the peasants and chiding them.
- No leisure or gluttony for YOU, serf! Now get back to work!
This is EXACTLY the snobby, snotty, scorn of the besserwissers in media and know them all too well, the "we're smarter than you dummies" assholes we deal with daily.
- This is WHY Trump got elected, and no one watches CNN or MSNBC, et al....these people are so glaringly clueless they have no idea how stupid they really are.
And, to further dispel ANY doubt or illusion regarding what their brownshirt SJW's really want, it's NOT "social justice"'s the tyranny of SOCIALISM.
- Take a close look at the red hammer and sickle logo on this social justice warrior's t-shirt.
- Now remember all the 'Che' posters in the Obama election headquarters and the Communist flags that waved over the celebrants at the DNC convention in 2016.
Are you 'getting it' yet folks?

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