Friday, 21 July 2017

Talking vs. Doing.............from Rico

The next "bubble" to burst is gonna keep kids in Mommie's basement for a long, long while.
- No, it's not the "if you can fog a mirror, you can drive a new BMW off the lot today" bubble. That one's for discussion another day.
The "bubble" I refer to is student debt.
- The FED says there is $1.44 trillion in student debt outstanding right now.
- Only $535 billion of that student debt is being 'serviced' right now. More debt will be coming due. Paying jobs for graduates that cannot do anything are not coming.
Those MS degrees in Feminism and/or PhD's in Social Justice don't come cheap, 'ya know.
- But, ask yourself how many pizza delivery drivers are the chains really going to need? And once 'drone' delivery starts in earnest? Fuggedaboudid. [Never mind the kiosks replacing cashiers, or the robots making the pizza's.....]
Five minutes listening to Mike Rowe should have been enough to convince any reasonably bright individual to learn how to "do" something instead of how to just "talk" about something. They are not the same things.
- Welder, plumber, electrician are all fungible skills that reside with the individual. Talking, on the other hand, anybody can do that, and it's a market already long-cornered by bloviating wind-bag politicians....and there's already a glut on the market of those.

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