Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The FED, not very 'stimulating' at all.................from Rico

Yellen of the FED says a lot, while managing to say absolutely nothing. Except more of the same from her in a few days. Meh.
- What she won't tell you is that Keynesian-theory "stimulus" failed, or that the 'debate' (economic game) between truly wrong-headed Keynesian policies and Hayek's Austrian School is over. Has been for a while now.
Not only did "stimulus" NOT work (at least for main street), there isn't much room left to keep kicking this empty can down the road.
- What is a poor Keynesian to do when going into debt doesn't get one out of debt any more?
One option I'm increasingly 'hearing' is moving the goal posts [read: first 'flush' the system, then 'reset' it with another one]. In 1913 the system was 'reset' to a debt-based/inflation model courtesy of the FED
- The only sure thing about the new 'reset' system (just like with porkulus) is that the 'connected' won't be hurt, and main street will take it up the pooper again.

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