Friday, 21 July 2017

The name says it all..................from Rico

Twelve good men of the House FREEDOM CAUCUS have moved around Ryan to advance a CLEAN REPEAL of ObamaCare via H.R. 1436.
Congress as a whole has been giving Americans BUPKIS [less than nothing], and Ryan as Speaker of the House has been in the "less than nothing" lead.
- Ryan is a #neverTrumper and a #neverMAGA deadweight RINO, a character-free political hack and the clone of Pelosi without the Botox...translation: a useless bump in the road that has to be stepped around if anything positive is to ever move ahead.

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Mark Matis said...

The Freedom Caucus had the votes to remove Lyin' Ryan as Speaker before the start of the current Congress if they chose to do so. They had already seen for a full year how foul he was, yet they chose to not do so. this is just more Kabuki theater by these lying bastards to suck up some more campaign donations for the next election. They have NO intent of taking this anywhere.