Monday, 21 August 2017

Bwa-hahahahaha! Death for farting?..................from Rico

While there are too many horrific, barbaric, and inhuman aspects to that death cult masquerading as a religion aka Islam to list here, one of the most annoying features is having to 'deal' with their attitude of "in'sha Allah" (as Allah wills it) which is their justification [read: lame fucking excuse] for being useless and not lifting a finger or breaking a sweat by going out of their way to 'do the right thing'....much less anything...the lazy fuckers.
- It's God's will!
Well, karma is indeed a real bitch (even if the muzzies don't recognize karma) and this lucky Pakistani is getting a 'dose' of his own "religion of peace" for farting.
- I kid you not.
Death for farting?
- But fornicating with goats, sheep, donkeys, and camels and/or raping children is OK?
I should start saying "aloha skidmark" instead of "aloha snackbar" maybe?
- The schadenfreude is strong with this one.............


Anonymous said...

Hi Theo--Just a heads-up that the 'sentenced to death for farting' story was a satirical piece (

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