Tuesday 15 August 2017

Charlottesville - 44's malignant 'legacy' of racism.................from Rico

Barry 44 who campaigned as a 'uniter' and 'reigned as a racist 'divider' has left America a malicious and malignant 'legacy' of race-baiting and inciting race-hatred that continues to this day.
- Violent Marxist barbarians continue not only to divide predicated on race, and try to violently suppress any dissenting views that are not lock-step with theirs, but are equally intolerant and anti-freedom/anti-equality.
Following the 'Baltimore Model' we have a Democrat Mayor of Charlottesville (Mikey Signer) who 'stands down' the police in the face of leftists inciting violence, with the media providing 'cover' for their fellow leftists.
- Even more incredible, this unwiped ass of a leftist Mayor is blaming Trump in the leftist media.
The cultural Marxists, spearheaded by their ANTIFA/BLM fascist storm troopers, are openly raping the American Republic and shredding the Constitution, while their comrades in the leftist MSM blame whitey for fighting back against what is leftist cultural genocide.
- Nothing like blaming the rape victim for being raped. After all, they 'asked for it' right? Never mind that Nazis (National socialists) are socialists, or that the KKK was founded by Democrats.
From, and with a h/t to Wirecutter, is this perfect summary of what happened over the weekend:
"Make no mistake, this mayor knows exactly what he's doing. Charlottesville was a confirmation that no matter how far leftists go, they will not be blamed. Now they can tear-down memorials with impunity and anyone who fights back will be labeled as an extremist of the highest order. And if any non-lefty is actually peaceful about it, by God the liberals will make sure to start something."
While you will never hear this from the MSM or the politically correct political establishement, "It's the leftists Lebowski........."

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