Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Fascist, White Supremacist And Nazi - Smears En Route To Civil War.................from Daniel Thomas

One of the main weapons in the armoury of the socialist/communist/liberal community as they seek to intimidate into silence anyone who disagrees with their campaign to destroy the United States of America is their use of demonization and smear as a prelude to violence.

Rigidly policed political correctness is the whip they use to discipline society, ensure conformity, impose groupthink and discourage dissent. Divide and rule is their modus operandi whereby everyone is categorised by race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, culture and skin colour then declared an oppressed minority and given victim status.

The mainstream media, which serves as the propaganda arm of the ruling elite, have constructed the narrative that the oppressors are exclusively white skinned particularly those with a Judeo-Christian heritage.

Students of history and politics will recognise this as Cultural Marxism. This replaced economic Marxism when the dangerous old fools’ predictions of a crisis of capitalism leading to the violent imposition of a communist state failed to materialise in the developed industrial countries.

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Anonymous said...

fascist, socialist, communist, nazi, the klan..are all fruits of the same progressive tree. all equally rotten, but none of them actually right wing in any manner.

to my way of thinking, this is a left wing domestic dispute over who runs the family, and we should let them all kill each other in the name of future peace and quiet.

Daniel Thomas said...

I can't disagree with your assessment.